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This Web site advertises all auctions property (House, Apartment, Shops, Flats & Land) in Malaysia Including Sabah and Sarawak. If you are interested to buy one of property on this website, you just to need E-mail us Existing Property Code No from the advertisement on our website.

If you are interested in to be our member, all you need to pay is RM260/ per year and this site will be yours for 365 days,

Members Benefits.

  1.  Our members will get the listing and more detailed information. These information are: auctioneer contact no, lawyer info, auction venue, auction time, past auction column, proclamation of sale, sold/unsold/kiv indicator and many more.
  2.  We will not impose any charges from value purchase.
  3.  We will always advise you for each property you purchase thru us.


For Non Members

  1.  You will get to view selected information on each property listed on our website.
  2.  We will charges 1% of value purchases (For Certain Cases Only).
  3.  First priority will given to our Paid Members.


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